Got a New Guitar

Last Thursday turned out to be a pretty eventful day.  I had a meeting scheduled with one of the guys on our praise team.  He said he needed a few hours of my time on that day, so in the middle of the afternoon, he picked me up and we took off.  I wasn’t sure where we were headed, but he was driving and he bought coffee, so it was good.

We ended up at Guitar Center.  He plays guitar so nothing seemed out of sorts at the time.  We walked into the store, went back to the acoustic guitar section and stood in front a wall full of guitars.  He turned to me and said you have money to buy a new guitar.  I was a bit caught off guard at that pronouncement.

The back-story goes something like this.  This gentleman and his wife went to various members of our praise team, tech team and others (I am assuming) and pretty much took up a collection to get me a new guitar.

The first surprise was the guitar.  They pooled enough money that I was able to get a Taylor acoustic with a built-in pickup.  It is a sweeeeeet guitar with a nice sound.  I was definitely in a mild state of shock.

The second surprise was how many people were in on it.  It turns out that most of the church staff knew, most (if not all) of our worship team knew about it along with other folks in the church.  That was not only surprising, but quite humbling as well.

I honestly don’t know who all knew about it or contributed to the purchase of the guitar.  It is something I never would have bought for myself and is way nicer than I ever thought I would have.

It is a circumstance where I don’t feel I can adequately express my appreciation to all who were involved, not only due the size of the gift, but also because I truly don’t know who all took a part in it.

So, if you were in on this surprise and happen to read this, please accept my sincere thanks.  It is a gift I will enjoy using for many years.

Valentines Day 2012

My wife got me (us) a great Valentine’s Day gift this year – coffee!  BUT, not just any coffee. There’s a good story behind it.

A few summers ago, we took our high school students to a CIY MOVE Conference in Holland, MI.  There is a cool local coffee shop in Holland called Lemonjellos.  They serve and sell the Equal Exchange coffee and had this great blend called Cosmic Love Buzz.  I brought a bag of it home and we have ordered it since then.

This year Cheryl found it online for a great price. Don’t know if you can see it in the picture, but it is a five-pound bag!  We are set for a while.

Happy Valentines Day!!