Super Bowl Ads

Super-Bowl-2013-ADZAG.CO_Every year much is made of the Super Bowl halftime show and the commercials that are a part of it. I’ve already seen many posts about the halftime show and what many people disliked about it. I won’t add more verbage to all the words already out there, other than the fact that, in my opinion, the halftime show seems more like an interruption to the game. But I digress….

What creates almost as much dialogue are the commercials. I saw some, but missed most during the game. If that was you, there is a place you can see all of them and even weigh in on whether you liked them or not. USA Today has a webpage where you can view and vote on commercials. If you are looking for 30 second long interruptions to your day, check out the Ad Meter on USA to see all the commercials.