Kudos to the Angels

A couple of years ago Syd was given the opportunity to play AAU basketball with the Cincinnati Angels. It has been a great experience for her and all the girls that are part of that organization. They have enjoyed success collectively in many of the tournaments they have played in and have been given the opportunity to improve individually as players.

This week Coach Chris sent out a list of the players from this years’ Angels team that have committed to play at a Division 1 school. I know these have been posted on other social media outlets, but I think it is both a reflection of the work the girls have put in to improve as players and to the Angels organization for the opportunities they have given these female athletes.

This is the list. I’m sure we’ll see more Angels play at the next level in the future.

Kyasia Duling to Duquesne University
Kylie Garrett to St. Peter’s College
Alex Henning to Bucknell University
Kayla McDowell to University of Missouri
Imani Outlaw to St. Bonaventure University
Leah Schaefer to Xavier Universtiy
Kelley Wiegman to Northern Kentucky University

Nike Skills Camp Recap

Syd had the opportunity to participate in the Nike Skills Camp in Indianapolis last April.  It was an invitation-only event and she was in camp with some talented girls.  It sounded like a good experience, both for skill development and hearing from others who have been involved in women’s basketball on both the college and professional level.

Ganon Baker directed the camp and shared his thoughts on the Indy camp and another one he directed in Oregon.  You can read all of his comments on his blog, but there were several things that jumped out at me as I read his recap.  They apply not only to basketball players, but to everyone.  These are thoughts from some of the speakers that shared at the camps.

– Every time you are in front of the media you have a chance to represent your team, family, and yourself

– You get 1 chance to make a first impression, so have a presence, self-confidence.

– Best gift you were given was your Name!!

– Be honest with yourself, family, and teammates. Everything you say will be recorded so whatever you say will live forever!!  Think about it!!

– No one is successful by themselves

– Sports teaches you how to win and handle disappointments

– The hardest part of making a decision is telling someone no!

– Watch your body language, somebody is always watching you

– You represent your God, family ,team, school, and self.

– Ladies, clean up your twitter/facebook pages – you are always on record! (That applies to guys, too!)