Popularity of Cell Phones

I saw an article today titled “Why Cell Phones Matter in Youth Ministry” on the Youth Ministry Media website.

They shared an interesting infographic about the growth of cell phones over the past few years. For example, worldwide there are 2 phones for every 3 people. That’s pretty amazing.

Here’s the infographic they posted. Interesting info.


Teens, FB Friends and Social Media

Youth Ministry Media is a resource I have referenced before. They seek to help youth workers communicate with teens. They provide interesting information the use of social media in our culture and some free resources for youth workers.

Over the weekend they referenced two different pieces of information from Pew Internet and American Life Project. One had to do with the average number of friends teens have on Facebook and another that talks about what they share. Interesting that girls on average have more FB friends and that sometimes teens post false information to protect their privacy.


teens and social media