Hunger Games Trilogy

hunger gamesI mentioned in a previous post that I finally got around to read the Hunger Games – the first of the trilogy. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had some time to read and finished the trilogy. I thought Collins put together a good series of books that kept me curious as to what might happen next.

Since several people I know read them, I had heard that the first one was the best, the second was pretty good and the third wasn’t as good. While the third was different from the first two, it built well on the story line presented in the first two and had a few twists and turns I wasn’t expecting.

As I mentioned in my post of the first book, the premise of the book is somewhat disturbing when you realize that kids are playing a game that requires them to kill each other. As you read the books and understand the backdrop, it makes sense and paints a picture of a very sinister government trying to control its people through fear and domination.

It was a good series, very well-written and now I can say I’ve read The Hunger Games.

Hunger Games…finally

hunger gamesI’ve finally got around to reading The Hunger Games. The books have been sitting on our bookshelf for several months now and have already been consumed by the two high school/junior high readers in our house. I finally got caught up on the other books I wanted to read and got started on the trilogy.

I finished the first book in about a week and found it to be both captivating and disturbing. The idea that two dozen kids were put in an arena to kill each other until only one survives is a chilling premise. Yet I was wrapped up in the story when Katniss ended up being chosen in the reaping. (In case there are those who haven’t read the book, I don’t want to reveal many details).

One of the things I took away from the story was how the author depicted life in a society very different from ours. We are concerned about the rights of the individual and doing what we can to assure things are fair. In the world of The Hunger Games that is definitely not the case. In the setting of the book, those in power have all the power. The actual Hunger Games are a flexing of their muscle to show they are in control of the citizens.

I’ve already started into the second book and curious how the story will unfold.

What is your take on The Hunger Games?