And They Are Off…

Joe & Syd 2 picThe past few weeks have been kind of a whirlwind around our house. Josiah finished up the school year at CCU and we got him moved out of the dorm. About a week later we had Sydney’s Graduation Open House on a Monday and then she officially graduated from high school on that Friday. By June 1st, both kids were gone.

Josiah is spending the summer near Chicago, IL, serving as an intern at Journey Christian Church in Elmhurst. He will be involved with the worship ministry, take part in staff meetings and get a taste of life in a church plant. The church doesn’t have their own building yet, so he gets to experience the weekly setup and tear down for the worship service.

Sydney started her freshmen year at the University of Louisville this week. She moved in June 1, had orientation on the 2nd and started her first class on the 3rd. Much of the team is on campus during the summer taking classes and working out. Her first day on campus she joined one of the coaches and a current player to pick up a recruit at the airport. She is excited about being on campus, starting basketball workouts and settling into college life.

I love the picture of Joe and Syd at the top of the page. Hard to believe that time has moved so quickly and they are not only out of the house, they are out of the state. I’m excited about what God will continue to do in them and through them.

Joe is 22

joe is 22Hard to believe that twenty-two years ago Josiah made his appearance into this world. He was born in Defiance, OH (it’s kind of funny to say he was born in defiance – get it?), moved to Kentucky, to Indiana and then back to Ohio. He is keeping busy with school at CCU along with working three different jobs on campus.

I was looking back at past posts about Joe that have involved marching bands, mission trips, his stroke in middle school family gatherings and even past birthdays. My how time flies!

This morning I was thinking about and praying for Joe and especially the opportunity he will have this summer for an internship. I’m looking forward to where God leads him in that venture and how that will direct His future.

Happy Birthday Joe!

Watford’s Shot Wins ESPY

Christian Watford hit the 3-point shot back on December 10 that lifted the Hoosiers over then #1 Kentucky.  As an Indiana fan, it is one of those video clips you never get tired of watching.

Watford’s shot has now won twice.  He won the ESPY for Play of the Year.  The winner was picked by fans across the nation who voted on-line for what they considered the play of the year.

I liked what posted about it: “Watford’s clutch shot from the left baseline at the buzzer was memorable enough to win an ESPY award Wednesday night, being voted ESPN’s Play of the Year. The play will never replace “The Shot” by Keith Smart to defeat Syracuse for a national title in 1987, but the play resonates with fans just the same.”

Go Hoosiers!

No IU-UK game this season

News came out today over Twitter feed that there will not be an IU-UK basketball game on this year’s schedule. With as much excitement and press this season’s game received, you would think it would be a no-brainer. According to the Indianapolis Star, it looks like location was a big part of the discussion.

Here’s what was posted on Indy Star today.

I’m not blaming Kentucky for insisting the rivalry be moved to neutral sites to increase revenue.

I’m not blaming Indiana for standing firm in its stance that the games stay in Assembly Hall and Rupp.

But one way or another, this was one of those issues where the two sides needed to lock themselves in a room until they figured out how to get it done.

IU-Kentucky is a rivalry that shouldn’t go away. No way. No how. It’s good for the schools. It’s good for the fan bases. It’s good for college basketball.

The excitement from an Indiana perspective that the regular season game last year brought with it is all the evidence you need. That single shot by Christian Watford was the signature image for all of college basketball from Dec. 10, 2011 through the NCAA Tournament. And the rematch was pretty good, too. There were a lot of people that believe that IU-Kentucky in the Sweet Sixteen was one of the more exciting games of the 2012 NCAA tournament.

And yet now it’s all going away simply because the two sides couldn’t reach an agreement on where it should be played.

Here’s my opinion: IU and Kentucky need to play next season. I don’t care if it’s on campus, in Louisville, or anywhere else, but the game needs to be played. Especially considering what happened last season. The 2012-13 IU-Kentucky was going to be the end all game to find out just how good the two teams were going to be a few weeks before heading into conference play. And both teams are expected to be very, very good.

Tom Crean indicated this week that he had spoken with John Calipari and that both coaches want the series to continue.

IU-Kentucky have played every season since 1969. How do you just throw all that away?

While the words in this press release are pretty clear that there won’t be an IU-Kentucky game next season, I still have to issue a challenge to athletic administrators from both schools to take a deep breath, take a step back, and then go back to the bargaining and get this done.

This is not the time for Indiana-Kentucky to become a thing of the past.