Kid President – 20 Things We Should Say

A Facebook friend (thanks Allison!) shared the link to this video and it was awesome (that’s one of the things we should say more often).  If you have seen Kid President before, you’ll love this video.  If Kid President is new to you, this is a great intro.

Enjoy…and let’s include these words more in our vocabulary!

Pep Talk from Kid President

SoulPancake on YouTube has a series of videos called Kid President. Don’t know who the kid is, but he is funny. Kind of reminds me of a young Bill Cosby in some of the things he says and does.

In this video, he give us a pep talk and tells us to be awesome. In one part he says, “Don’t be boring. You are good-er than that.” Then, to encourage you to not quit, he asks what if Michael Jordan gave up when he didn’t make the high school team. “They wouldn’t have made Space Jam. And I love Space Jam.”

Check it out. Makes you chuckle.