Visit to U. of Michigan

The last few months have given us a unique opportunity to visit several schools as Syd makes a decision about where she will go to school. We’ve had visits to Indiana and Louisville along with several others. This past weekend took us to Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan. (I can almost hear the groan from all my Buckeye friends).  She was one of several prospects checking out the school.

Michigan has a new coaching staff and are beginning the process of building a team that wins championships.  The new staff is high energy and we had the opportunity to watch the team practice. It was fun to watch as they ran drills, worked on offense and defense and prepared for the upcoming season.  The practice facility is newly renovated and the courts and locker room are quite nice.  The Division 1 schools I have seen really put money into the athletic facilities.

This is a look at the locker room. Pretty nice set up.

This is the hallway that leads to Crisler Arena where the teams play their games. It has gone under major renovation and looks very nice. There is a camera in the hallway that projects on the scoreboard so the fans can see the team in the tunnel before they come out.

This weekend was also the Michigan/Michigan State game. We were part of the 113,00+ people who were in attendance. The crowd was pretty excited about beating their rivals and it turned out to be the 900th victory in U of M football history.

We met some of the coaches from the men’s team and had a good visit. Now, she just needs to decide where she’s going to land.