Check Out Syd on ESPNW

espnw-fbWith the arrival of March Madness, people all over the country are filling out brackets and giving their opinions on who is going to win it all. ESPN W is dedicated to women’s athletics and they interviewed several of the nation’s top recruits to see who they were pulling for in the Women’s March Madness Tournament. One of those interviewed was Sydney.

Here’s what they posted:

Sydney Brackemyre, Louisville
Brackemyre, a 6-foot forward from Clinton-Massie (Clarksville, Ohio), keeps it simple when explaining why she likes Louisville’s chances.

“Two words: Jeff Walz,” Brackemyre said of the Louisville coach when asked why the Cardinals could go a step beyond their runner-up finish from a year ago. “The entire Louisville staff does a great job of preparing the X’s and O’s and scouting the opponent.

“I think Louisville has a chance to get back to the championship game because history repeats itself. Their past success will repeat itself, in my opinion.”

While Brackemyre agrees that UConn and Notre Dame are the favorites, she also has been impressed with South Carolina (27-4), the No. 1 seed in the Stanford Regional.

“[Coach] Dawn Staley is doing a great job with the program,” she said.

Brackemyre said she will watch most of the tournament at home decked out in her favorite Louisville T-shirt, but there is also a chance she will catch some games in Louisville since the city will host a regional.

As for players to watch outside of Louisville, the No. 3 seed in the Louisville Regional, Brackemyre listed two: “Tricia Liston of Duke – I love how she plays. She is so skilled. And Diamond DeShields has been blowing up this year. I want to see how she does in her first NCAA tournament.”

Check out the entire article called FUTURE-SCHOOL SPIRIT FROM TOP RECRUITS

New Uniforms for March Madness #L1C4

#L1C4I follow Adidas Basketball on twitter (@adidasHoops) and they have been tweeting all week about the big reveal of uniforms for several teams for the March tournament. The schools I’ve seen include Kansas, Baylor, Notre Dame and, of course, Louisville. Several Cardinal fans and coaches that I follow now have tweeted pictures and links. The uniforms for all the schools are pretty sweet. Here is a link to an article on that has a photo gallery and article about the uniforms. Check out the socks, too!

adidas Reveals New Louisville Basketball Uniforms

IU vs. UK Hoosiers Version

March Madness kicks off this week and, if everything holds true to form, IU and UK will meet again. UK is the overall #1 seed and holds the #1 seed in the South Region. IU is #4 in the same region so they could meet in the Sweet Sixteen.

People all over the country are filling out their brackets and making their picks. To provide some inspiration, here is a video of the final moments of the IU/UK game set to music from HOOSIERS!

Indiana Basketball Schedule is Here!

While I am excited about the start of the NFL season this week, I am also looking forward to college basketball.  While I.U. is still working to return to the level of success they have had in the past, I am anticipating the start of their season.  And today, their scheduled was posted!  It won’t be long until we hear the squeak of shoes on the court and the sound of the ball going through the net.  College basketball season is not far away.

We Can’t All Be Right

This year’s March Madness Tournament has been great.  My bracket – like pretty much everyone else that I know – has been busted.  Seriously, who would have picked VCU, Butler (again), Kentucky & UConn in the Final Four?

According to ESPN, more than 5.9 million brackets were filled out for’s Tournament Challenge, but exactly two went 4-for-4 in picking Final Four teams.

Only 1,093 brackets had three of the Final Four correct, while 2.1 percent had two right. A total of 27.6 percent had one Final Four team, while the vast majority of you — 70.3 percent — don’t have a single team left.

So, we can’t all be right.  In fact, almost all of us were wrong!  And that’s OK. That’s what makes the tournament fun.  You never know who will be the surprise team in the dance.

This morning, I was watching SportsCenter and of course they were talking tournament.  They asked each guy who was going to win to advance to the championship.  One guy picked his final two.  The very next guy picked the exact opposite.  What I was hoping someone would say is this:  “Here’s what VCU/Kentucky/Butler/UCONN does well….and I have no idea who will win it this year!” Because the truth is, they don’t.  Most of those guys were touting OSU or Duke…and come on, almost all of us were wrong.

Just to add insult to injury, check this out:  Henry Hasselbeck (Matt Hasselbeck’s 5-year-old son) got Kentucky in the Final Four, but missed with Kansas. He is at 770 points (ranking 12,923 overall) and in the 99.8 percentile, but can’t score any more points.

A 5-year old has more points than President Obama, Dick Vitale, Mike Greenberg and Snoop Dogg….and probably me and you.

We can’t all be right!