Torn ACL

aclSyd’s high school season came to an abrupt end Saturday night, Dec. 29 during the County Tournament. Early in the 1st quarter she came up a little gimpy and went out of the game. She came back in and a few minutes later, went down again trying to get a rebound. She grabbed her left knee and was in obvious pain.

The trainers were right on top of things, checked things out, started treatment and had an appointment for her for an MRI before we left the training room. On Monday, we found out the damage – a torn ACL. She also has a strained MCL and a tear in her meniscus. Fortunately she was able to get into a well-known physician who works with a lot of the Cincinnati Reds players. Surgery is scheduled for January 8.

I know that she will work hard on her rehab and in a matter of time, she will be back. She is surrounded by good friends, good coaches and great resources for both surgery and rehab. I think most players and parents have that thought of an injury happening at some point. You hope it doesn’t happen, but we’ve seen many female athletes come back from similar injuries. If anything, Adrian Peterson is a great example of an athlete coming back from a huge injury.

I’m grateful for those who have surrounded Syd already and will be a source of encouragement and advice to her and to us. Looking forward to seeing her back on the court down the road.