What’s Your Christmas Elf Name? @YouthCartel

Looking for a little break in your day?  Trying to get into the Christmas Spirit?  Ever wonder what your name might be if you were an elf (knowing that Buddy has already been spoken for)?

Check out the The Christmas Elf Name Generator.  Our friends at The Youth Cartel sent out an email that included a link to what I am sure is a very scientifically accurate generator of your name as an Elf.

Go ahead.  You know you want to know.

BTW, here’s mine:

Get your own Christmas elf name from the Christmas elf name generator!

Your Christmas elf name is: Syllabub Jinglewine

He loves to be in charge of the other elves and tell them what to do! He wears pointy green shoes with bells on the end, and he makes tasty marshmallows and chocolate covered candy for all the good little children.

Get your own Christmas elf name from the Christmas elf name generator!

No Greater Name

Apple_Podcast_logo-642x642While driving home yesterday, I was listening to an interview with Israel Houghton. He was talking about his new projects, being a worship leader and also moving into the production side of things.

While talking about leading worship, he spoke about the difference between the “get to” and the “got to” of leading worship. When he first started as a worship leader, he said he was excited that he would “get to” lead worship. As time went on and he lead on a more regular basis, he said he “got to” lead worship – like it was another task he needed to do. One day he recognized the shift that took place and that he needed to stay in the “get to” aspect of leading worship.

In the interview he made a great statement that was a good reminder to me. He said as a worship leader, he gets to lead people to lift up and sing about the great name of Jesus. Whatever you can name in your life that is a struggle or difficulty or trial, we can name a name that is greater than that.

It was a good reminder that God is greater than whatever we face. It is easy to become focused on our circumstances and not on the name that is greater than anything we face. I need that reminder. Hope it encourages you, too.