A Long (Like Really Long) Obedience

I was listening to a podcast from Mark Batterson and he was using Noah as an example of someone who was all in – totally obedient to God.  Several times in the book of Genesis it says this about Noah – “Noah did everything just as God commanded him.”

The story of Noah and the building of the ark is probably one of the better known Old Testament events.  While we probably cannot fully comprehend the magnitude of the project, we know Noah and his family built the ark, filled it with animals of every kind and lived in it while the world was destroyed by a flood.

What Batterson mentioned in his podcast was a tradition regarding Noah and the ark.  The tradition states that Noah first planted the trees he would use to build the ark, waited from them to grow, sawed them into planks and then built the ark.  No one is quite sure how long it took to build the ark, but most conclude it took several decades, even up to 100 years.

Whether that tradition is true or not, Noah displayed a long obedience.  He not only built the ark – just as God commanded – but also gathered the animals and cared for them in the ark.  In a time where we want results now and continually have to seek to be patient, Noah shows what a long obedience looks like.

Batterson made the observation that obedience to God makes life more complicated, not less complicated.  I imagine that the larger the ark became and the addition of all the animals (along with a world-wide flood) made life more complicated for Noah.  Yet he remained obedient.  May we strive for the long obedience despite the complication is may bring.