My son turned 18 yesterday. One of those things that you know is coming . . . but you are not sure how to prepare for it. Eighteen seems to be such a “milestone” type of a birthday, although, honestly, I can’t seem to remember how I celebrated my 18th birthday.

Not only is how now 18, we made a college visit today to the school he wants to attend. It is the college where I graduated and it is always good to go back. It was a unique experience to sit there knowing I was in attendance as a parent of a potential student.  We enjoyed the visit (ate Skyline for lunch!) and received information on the things we need to look at doing between now and the start of classes in the fall.

I know a lot of parents have been down this road so I don’t want to act like the only one who has ever experienced this.  Every year parents send their kids to school and go through this process.  Guess it is unique the first time through.

I know he is excited to both be 18 and to looking at college.  Hopefully we do a good job working through the next few months.

The one thing I take away from this is that even though he is getting older, I am not . . . at least that is what I just keep telling myself.