Selfie Obessession

The “selfie” has become a pretty popular thing (no news flash there). I have actually found myself taking “group selfies” on our trips with students. And the last couple pics have turned out pretty well…if I do say so myself.

But then I wonder if a group selfie is really a selfie because there are many “selves” and not just a “self” in the picture.

Anyways…this infographic is pretty interesting as it gives the stats on how many selfies are out there. Just think – 93 million selfies taken each day. WOW!

There is a story of how damaging the selfie obsession can be and some tips for people to consider as they take selfies.

Interesting information for parents, teens and those who care about students.


Addicted to your Phone?

This video was posted on Youth Ministry Media Blog and carries the title I Forgot My Phone on YouTube.  It’s a pretty interesting (convicting, maybe?) look at how phones have become a part of just about everything we do. I especially liked the scenes in the bowling alley and birthday party. Check it out and see if we find ourselves somewhere in this video.

Joe is Back From Ireland

Joe made it back from Ireland! They didn’t have any problems on the return trip and from everything I’ve heard so far, it was a good experience.  Joe loves to visit other places.

This picture was (once again) snagged of Facebook and is a photo of the Ireland group.and seemed to really enjoy the Ireland experience.  We’re looking forward to hearing more about it and seeing some pictures of the country.

Thanksgiving in Nashville

Thanksgiving this year was a quick trip to Nashville where my sister lives. The upside was that all my siblings were there; the downside was that only Joe, Syd and I made the trip. Cheryl hosted her family for the first time this year.

Niece Riley turned three earlier in the month and was a great hostess.  She really warmed up to Syd and my niece Taylor.








Krista (and her husband Jason) were great hosts.  We had fried turkey again and it was tasty.  This was a good picture of Krista and Riley.  Who loves her mommy????








Dad discovered that his grandkids are getting pretty tall.  (Uncle Andy is lurking in the background).








It was a quick trip, but a good time to be with the family.

Super Bowl Party Pics

Each year we have Super Bowl parties for our students to watch the big game.  This year we probably had more actual game watchers than ever before.  Usually in the past, by halftime (or even before then), most attenders become disinterested and end up doing other things.  This year, at least at one of the houses, just about everyone stayed engaged…even after the halftime show.

We have posted some pictures from our two different parties.  Click on the link below to check them out.