Peyton Is No Longer a Colt – Sad

While the announcement was not a surprise, it is still a sad day for Colts fans that Peyton is no longer a Colt. I didn’t watch the press conference, but the video clips I have seen show that it was handled well.

It will be tough to see Manning in a different jersey, but it is significant that no one will wear #18 again for the Colts. Will be interesting to watch how the Colts move on from here and where Peyton ends up.

Tim Tebow Mic’d Up

Thanks to Josh Griffin for posting this on his “More Than Dodgeball” blog.  Pretty cool video and behind the scenes look from Tebow’s perspective.  Whether you love him or hate, he is getting a lot of attention and handles himself so well.  I just watched the whole video sitting here at my desk.  Pretty cool.