Do I Want What I Want More Than What He Wants?

casteA couple of weeks I posted about the series we were doing on God’s Kingdom in our High School class. We took a look at what Jesus meant when He talked about the Kingdom of God and what happens when God’s Kingdom bumps into our own kingdom(s).

We concluded our series this weekend by looking at the description of God’s Kingdom we see in Revelation. When Jesus returns as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, all pain and suffering will be gone, every tear will be wiped away and everything will be made new (Revelation 21:3-7). Also, in Matthew 4, Jesus told people to “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven was near.” We discussed the tension that exists as we strive to live out God’s Kingdom in a world filled with brokenness and pain, while waiting for the day all pain and brokenness will be taken away. What does it look like to live as if the Kingdom of Heaven is near?

Last week while listening to a podcast, I heard a good question we should ask ourselves. It will help us live as if God’s Kingdom is near. Remembering that God’s Kingdom means God’s will is done instead of our will, we can ask ourselves this question: “Do I want what God wants more than I want what I want?”

When I forgive, I’m living out God’s Kingdom. When I share with others or help meet their needs, I’m living out God’s Kingdom. When I love others like Jesus loves me, I’m living out God’s Kingdom.

This week, may we continue to ask ourselves that question: “Do I want what God wants more than I want what I want?”

90 Day Challenge – The Home Stretch

GOYOIt seems hard to believe, but we are in the home stretch of our 90 Day Challenge. If you have kept up with each day’s reading, we are in the final week. This week takes us into the last book of the Bible – Revelation. While this book can be confusing at times, one thing is clear: Jesus wins! He defeats Satan, sin and death and “makes all things new!” No matter how the details unfold, Jesus will remain King of King and Lord of Lords. Our job is to be faithful to Him, no matter what events occur. As you continue through the challenge, be encouraged! While we don’t know how many chapters there are remaining, we know how The Story ends.

Next week, for those who have finished the challenge, we want to have some resources available to encourage you in continue in your habit of spending time in God’s Word.

Perhaps you want to repeat the 90 Day Challenge and read through the New Testament again. I have a resource on my desk right now called “31 Days with Jesus.” It is a 30 day plan to read through the Gospel of Matthew. We will have a few more that are designed to encourage you in your time with God.