Destination Unknown

Many years ago, a “standard” youth group event was Destination Unknown.  Students would be given specific information like where to meet, when to leave, the time of return and any cost.  Other than that, the details were kept a mystery.  We brought D.U. back last year and our students loved it.  The adults loved it, too, just because the students hated not knowing and we got to keep the information from them (insert evil laugh). Last weekend we did a D.U. and went roller skating.  Several of the students figured it out before we left, but we still had a great time.

One element that D.U. throws into the mix is the fact that it is just fun.  It’s great to get together with students and hang out together and have a good time.  The unknown factor adds to it as well.   Glad that we have fun with the students in our ministry.

Check out our video from the event.  As you can see, some of us are more adept at skating than others.