Thoughts on The Bible Mini-Series

bibleWe were talking about The Bible Mini-Series today for a few minutes today in the office. I’ve only seen two nights of the series, but overall have liked what I have seen.

What has been surprising to me is the response of people, especially “church people,” to the mini-series. I say surprising. What I really mean is disappointing. In the times I have watched, I follow along on Twitter to read people’s reactions. Several comments have also appeared on Facebook. Much of the response I have seen from people I think are believers has been negative. We don’t like this. We don’t like that. It appears that for many out there, we don’t like much.

The thing that really grabbed my attention was the comparison between Satan during the temptation of Jesus and President Obama. Really? That’s what you took away from it? Seemed to really take the whole point of the mini-series in a different direction than what I think it was intended.

I saw a statistic earlier this week – Over 68 MILLION have viewed The Bible in 15 days making it the #1 cable series of the year. I think that is great. I’m going with the assumption that a good number of those people are already believers. They accept God’s Word as truth and read it on a regular basis.

What would be interesting to see is the number of people who either don’t believe in the Bible or ever read it that are tuning into the show. If they are watching the series, become engaged and actually spend time reading it to see what it says or start a conversation with someone they know reads the Bible, isn’t that a win? While I do agree we need to be accurate to God’s Word, it would be incredibly difficult to do a mini-series on the Bible and include everything. If the producers’ goal is to engage people and point them to God’s Word, I think they are moving in the right direction.

I guess my surprise is the number of comments being made by those who know God’s Word. I don’t think we are the audience the producers were aiming for. I know there are many opinions on the show. This is just my two-cents.