InstaScavenger Hunt @DownloadYM

This weekend our IMPACT students participated in an InstaScavenger Hunt.  Using smartphones to capture various pictures and videos, they uploaded them to Instagram with the hashtag #impactinsta.  While the concept of the scavenger hunt has been around for years, we had a great time going around town taking pictures under bank signs, of the entire group in a bathroom stall and a video of the chicken dance under the KFC sign.

A few of the pictures are below.  You can search #impactinsta on Instagram to all of them.

I modified a list for our hunt from Download Youth Ministry.  It was a great resource to use and had some fun ideas. (Thanks DYM!)







IMPACT Video Scavenger Hunt

Last year we did a Video Scavenger Hunt with our students and had a great time. So…we’re doing it again! We are wrapping up our Small Groups for this school year and wanted to do something memorable to end it. Check out the invite below:

Here’s the video from last year: