A Short Walk to the Edge of Life

short walkI think most people like the story of the over comer, the one who achieves despite having the odds staked against them. A Short Walk to the Edge of Life is such a story. Scott Hubbartt tells his story of survival, of overcoming what appears to be nearly impossible odds and beating both the rugged terrain of the Andes and the poor decisions that lead him there.

The beauty of this book is that even though the reader knows how the story ends (the subtitle lets you know he survives), I was still engaged by the situations he faced, how close he came to not making it out and all he endured. I found myself wondering how I might respond if I were in the same situation.  Hubbartt’s background and experience were a help to him, but he also had to make some tough choices during this experience.  Could I suck water from clay through a pair of my own underwear?  Not sure I would have thought about that.

Hubbartt shares his thoughts as he dealt with not knowing if he would make it out alive. He writes the elation of being rescued and the regret he felt if he wasn’t able to survive. He also writes candidly about his crying out to God and the emotions that he experienced.

While sometimes we tend to modify past events (to make ourselves look better), he points very clearly to his own poor choices and pride that put him into the life-threatening situation.  He places all the blame on himself for being where he was and also gives all the credit to God for rescuing Him and His miraculous provision.

A Short Walk to the Edge of Life was a good read and speaks to how God can bring good out of bad situations.  If you like stories of survival and the seeing someone overcome, you would enjoy this book.