Star Wars Medley A Cappella

Right now, at a time when everyone is all about Star Wars with the new movie coming out, this Jimmy Fallon medley is pretty awesome!  Too good not to share.  If you haven’t seen it, you’ll enjoy it.  If you have seen it, you know you will watch it again.

Star Wars Meets Thomas Kinkade

Kinkade Wars 1Somewhere on social media earlier this week, I saw an image of a Thomas Kinkade painting with Star Wars character inserted into the usually peaceful scene. Today I saw the link that lead to artist Jeff Bennett’s altering of several of Kinkade’s paintings. For fans of both Kinkade and Star Wars, it’s a very creative merging of the two mediums into one.

Enjoy . . . and look for the storm trooper sticking his head out of the door of the house.

Kinkade Wars 2

Kinkade Wars 3

Kinkade Wars 4

Kinkade Wars 5

Kinkade Wars 6

Kinkade Wars 7