Massie Pride Video (Part 2)

massiefalconsAbout a year ago, I posted a video made by a Clinton-Massie student and alum about Clinton-Massie’s run to the state football championship. As just about everyone in our area knows, the team made it back-to-back state titles this year. They played some strong teams in the playoffs and pulled off a couple come from behind victories to become Div IV defending state champions.

The two guys that made the video last year have come out with a part 2. The community is very supportive of the team and this video is just one example. It looks like they had some fun making it, too.

Falcon Pride Video

massiefalcons People in our area have been celebrating the fact that the Clinton-Massie Falcon football team won the state championship last Friday. The Falcons are the first Clinton County team to win a state title and they also set a state record for points scored in a season.

One of the cool aspects of the run to state was the support the team received from both the school (especially the students) and the community. A couple of the CM students put this video together. It kind of leaked out before the championship game, but fortunately the team backed it up on the field. It’s a fun video to watch, especially if you are a Falcon fan.

Sportsmanship Wins The Day

This story has been all over Twitter and carried by several news organizations.  It appeared on the front page of ESPN’s High School Cross Country and Track page. It’s a great story.

The short story is that Meghan Vogel stopped running in the 3,200-meter race in the state track meet to help a fallen runner cross the finish line.  I love the title ESPN gave it in their headlines: “Sportsmanship wins the day at Ohio meet.”

You can read the entire story on ESPN’s page, but here’s a great quote from Meghan in the article:

It’s strange to have people telling me that this was such a powerful act of kindness and using words like ‘humanity.’ When I hear words like that I think of Harriet Tubman and saving people’s lives. I don’t consider myself a hero. I just did what I knew was right and what I was supposed to do.

It’s a great story that not only should be read, but duplicated, by athletes and individuals everywhere.