Tim Tebow @ CCU

Last night Tim Tebow spoke at Cincinnati Christian University. I graduated from there (a few years ago) and my son is currently a student there. My son sings in the choir that had the opportunity to sing at the event.

Fox19 interviewed some people after the event. One of the young ladies is friends with my son. The gentleman being interviewed is from Wilmington and is a youth minister in Cincinnati. My son even makes a 2-3 second cameo in the background. How’s that for 15 seconds of fame?!?

Click here to see the video from Fox19.

Tim Tebow Mic’d Up

Thanks to Josh Griffin for posting this on his “More Than Dodgeball” blog.  Pretty cool video and behind the scenes look from Tebow’s perspective.  Whether you love him or hate, he is getting a lot of attention and handles himself so well.  I just watched the whole video sitting here at my desk.  Pretty cool.