USJN Toledo Blue Star Media Recap

The Cincinnati Angels finished 3-1 over Memorial Day weekend at the USJN Toledo Tournament.  Mark Lewis of Blue Star Media was there providing a few twitter updates which helped those of us who couldn’t get up north for the games.  He had a nice recap of the weekend and featured a couple of Angels players, including my favorite one on the team.  Here’s what he wrote about them specifically.  You can read all of this thoughts on the Blue Star Media site.

The Cincy Angels may have not had a full roster nor did they play their best basketball but its hard not to still take notice of the talent on hand.  Swing player Sydney Brackemyre (Harveysburg, Ohio – 2014) already has major offers on the table but there could be plenty more knocking once July rolls around.  Combining good size at 6-1 with strength and skills makes her a tough assignment defensively.  The ballhandling is there to get to the rim but the form and range will force tight closeouts as well.  There’s a patience to her game on the catch that allows her to read and break down defenders.  The tools are there to defend both the forward and wing spot and she has the agility to be a factor in pressing situations.  Brackemyre is already well suited for the college game and what she does the next two years will determine just how far she can take her game and at what level.

Brackemyre wasn’t the only standout for the Cincy Angels.  Point guard and recent St. Bonaventure commit Imani Outlaw (Cincinnati, Ohio – 2013) demonstrated the game that has Jim Crowley’s staff excited up in Olean.  The 5-8 Outlaw was on constant attack and made things happen both off the drive and from the perimeter.  Using her explosive first step she got by on ball defenders time and again converting at the rim and from a consistent pull up.  She also added several deep jumpers that forced opponents to commit to containing one element of her attack or the other.  Defensively her physical strength offsets any lack of size and allows her to contain and steer opposing ballhandlers.

A Win-Win Weekend

This past weekend turned out to be a pretty exciting weekend for our family on a couple of levels.

The Cincinnati Angels Basketball Club traveled to Toledo and won the USJN Tournament there.  That’s three tournaments in a row they have won and so far only have 1 loss on the season.  Cheryl and I were able to make the drive to see the first two games and Syd played well.  Due to an injury she was inserted into the starting line up and did a good job.

At one point she had to guard a girl who was a few inches taller than her and Syd did a good job…they even had the same number…44.  Way to go Angels on another tournament victory!

The other “win” for our family is that we have a house under contract!  It took right at two years to sell Cheryl’s house, but we have a solid contract on that one and we reached an agreement on a home for us over the weekend.  We are excited about how God has taken care of things to this point and are grateful for how He has worked.  Now, it’s a matter of wading through all the paperwork to sell and buy….but it is exciting!  Look forward to putting some pictures up in the future.