Great First Visit

Syd and I traveled north to Lansing on Saturday to check out Michigan State University.  They had several students looking at the school, plus it was homecoming weekend, so there were people everywhere on campus.  Syd said she had never seen so many things that were green and white!

We had the opportunity to watch the girls’ team practice, were given a driving tour of the campus, walked through the Breslin Center, checked out the locker room, training room, weight room, academic hall and concluded with great seats for the football game.

One of the highlights of the game was coming in contact with some MSU personalities.  We had the opportunity to meet Tom Izzo as we passed him right outside the men’s basketball office.  He even commented that he liked Syd’s Jordan earrings.  Mateen Cleaves came over to the group watching the girls practice and welcomed us to the school.  During our tour of the Breslin Center and the locker room, we passed and got to meet Dane Fife.  He played at I.U. 1998-2002 and is now an assistant coach on Izzo’s staff.

Before the football game, we were able to walk on the field during warm ups.  ESPN College Game Day was there so it was big deal.  MSU doesn’t have lights in their stadium for night games, so ESPN and ABC rented lights for the 8 pm game.  Walking on the field and being literally just a few feet from the players was pretty cool.

It was a great first visit and gave us a lot to think through as we look at where Syd might be able to play in the future.

This is Syd at the Magic Johnson statue outside the Breslin Center.