Mexico House Build Team is Set!

1mission_4Our team for our Spring Break House Build Trip to Rocky Point, Mexico is set. We now officially have 14 people who will make up the team that will travel at the end of March.

Our airline tickets have been reserved, travel insurance has been purchased, a van and trailer for our post-flight drive is set and we are in the process of raising funds for the trip. Over the past two Saturdays we have provided concessions for a Karate Tournament and the first game of our Upward Basketball season. We have 7 more weeks of Upward and hope to be able to underwrite some of the trip costs through those efforts.

Several of our team members have also been sending out support letters to those outside of our church family and people are responding with generosity. One of the humbling parts of a mission trip such as this is to experience how many people offer financial and prayer support.

We are looking forward to our experience with 1MISSION as Spring Break week draws closer. Be watching for updates!


solid rock 15Each summer Cincinnati Christian University invites high school students to participate in a two-week event called SOLID ROCK. Students meet on the campus of CCU for a week of rehearsal to create and learn a program of ministry through music and the arts. During the second week, the group travels by charter bus to present their program at a different church every night.

My son and a few former students from WCC have participated in SOLID ROCK in the past and had a great experience. We have one student this year who is preparing to send her application in to be a part of this summer’s program.

If you are a high school student (or know a high school student) who enjoys the arts (singing, playing a musical instrument or the technical side of things), check out SOLID ROCK. It’s a great experience and also creates relationships that last beyond the two weeks together.

Information on the program and how to apply are on the Cincinnati Christian University website. Dates for 2015 are July 5-10 (on campus) and July 11-17 (on tour). The application packet is due March 16th. Go check it out.

They’ve Flown the Nest

This has been a unique summer for us, especially as we are in the month of July.

Joe has been at college for two years and traveled to various CIY Conferences last summer.  This year he is traveling to various church camps.  He has already been to Illinois, Georgia and currently is in Indiana.  The picture to the left shows him with his team at The Varsity in Atlanta.

Syd is currently in Las Vegas playing in a tournament with her Angels teammates.  She will return in time to go play in Tennessee and will then conclude the AAU summer circuit with a tourney in Washington DC.  Prior to leaving for Vegas, the Angels worked at the OGBR camp.  You can see the group in the picture below.

Gone are the days of trying to figure out what to do during the lazy days of summer.  They are keeping busy for sure!

Joe is Back From Ireland

Joe made it back from Ireland! They didn’t have any problems on the return trip and from everything I’ve heard so far, it was a good experience.  Joe loves to visit other places.

This picture was (once again) snagged of Facebook and is a photo of the Ireland group.and seemed to really enjoy the Ireland experience.  We’re looking forward to hearing more about it and seeing some pictures of the country.

Joe is in Ireland

As many of our friends, family and church family know, Joe is on a mission trip to Ireland with a group from Cincinnati Christian University.  They left Friday, but were delayed getting out of the Cincinnati airport due to the bad weather.  Once they left, they made connecting at JFK and flew to Dublin.  The only news we have received so far is a Facebook post that says “I am in Ireland safe and sound. Thank you for all the prayer!”  (The picture is one I snagged off his FB and I have no idea where they are or what they are doing.)

It’s a strange feeling knowing your son is in a different country, especially when you are used to sending a text to touch base.  I know he was looking forward to the trip and experiencing a new culture.  The group is doing a VBS and Joe is speaking one night to a group of teens.  Should be a great experience and can’t wait to hear all about it.

Thanksgiving in Nashville

Thanksgiving this year was a quick trip to Nashville where my sister lives. The upside was that all my siblings were there; the downside was that only Joe, Syd and I made the trip. Cheryl hosted her family for the first time this year.

Niece Riley turned three earlier in the month and was a great hostess.  She really warmed up to Syd and my niece Taylor.








Krista (and her husband Jason) were great hosts.  We had fried turkey again and it was tasty.  This was a good picture of Krista and Riley.  Who loves her mommy????








Dad discovered that his grandkids are getting pretty tall.  (Uncle Andy is lurking in the background).








It was a quick trip, but a good time to be with the family.