Tailgating…@ Church!

As we were planning our fall calendar for our students, one of our sponsors had the great idea of doing a tailgate party on Sunday morning.  Rather than meet inside during the Sunday School hour, we met in the parking lot.  We had a grill going with sausage and peppers & onions (smelled great!).  We also had corn hole, more food, a little throwing of the football and a tailgate…which is where our group gathered for the picture.

Our volunteers did a great job getting stuff together.  We had plenty of food, a good turnout of students, good weather (not that we could control that if we wanted) and a great morning.  We even had some adults come out who tried to join the youth group!  It was a great time tailgating.  Definitely something we will do again!

The Rod Burger

For those who live around Wilmington, you are probably familiar with the “Rod Burger.”  The Capricorn Inn is where it is served and, I just found out today, is under new ownership.  The owners are a married couple who grew up going to the restaurant.

We went as a staff today to celebrate the birthday of one of our staff members.  It was tasty good!  The Capricorn Inn is similar to a place you might see on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”  They have the Rod Burger, french fries, onion rings, fried mushrooms, fried pickles and more.  If you happen to be on a diet or other plan for eating healthy (like the 17 Day Diet), you might as well just hang it up, at least for that particular meal.  Good food!  You should check it out!

Skyline Opens April 26

Back in February we heard the good news that Skyline is going to reopen in Wilmington. The restaurant has been vacant for three years, but new owners have purchased it and are getting ready to serve the tasty chili again.

Today’s Wilmington News Journal brought the good news that Skyline will open on April 26. Let the countdown begin! The article states that over 200 people applied for available positions at the restaurant and the new owners are hoping that this interest is a good reflection of a strong customer base when they begin operations.

For all Skyline fans in the Wilmington area, April 26 will be a good day!

Check out the article from the Wilmington News Journal here.

Skyline is coming back!

It was a sad day in Wilmington nearly three years ago when the Skyline Chili restaurant closed.  For those of us who prefer Skyline to the “other” Cincinnati style chili restaurant in town, a void was truly felt.

However, we have received confirmation that Skyline truly is returning to our fair town.  The building that sat vacant for 36 months will again re-open in April or May.  Various rumors had floated around town about who purchased the building and what may or may not be moving into it.  Today’s News-Journal article has verified what we had heard (and hoped) to be true.

Skyline is coming back!  Hooray!