Top Worship Songs at WCC in 2012

worshipI got this idea from a worship leader’s blog I receive. He listed the top songs they did at his church in 2012. It was a listing not of his favorite songs, but those which they did most frequently.

It got me to thinking about which songs we used most often last year. We try to use a variety of songs (not sing the same songs over and over). We also have tried to introduce some newer worship songs while utilizing the songs our congregation responds to in worship. So here are the songs we used based on how many times we sang them in 2012.

1) At Your Name (Yahweh, Yahweh) – new one we introduced in 2012
2) Awesome is the Lord
3) Be Glorified
4) Beautiful One
5) By His Wounds
6) Come Just As You Are
7) Draw Me Close
8) Everlasting God
9) Give Us Clean Hands
10) Glory to God Forever
11) Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing)
12) Here I Am to Worship
13) Holy is the Lord
14) How Great is our God
15) I Will Follow
16) It is Well (Todd Fields arrangement)
17) Jesus Messiah
18) Jesus, Son of God – this was new this year, too
19) Mighty to Save
20) Our God
21) Shout to the Lord
22) We Fall Down
23) We Want to See Jesus Lifted High
24) Worthy is the Lamb
25) You Alone Can Rescue

There were many other songs we used, but these were the ones we used more often than the rest. Kind of interesting to see. Any good worship songs that are on your list?

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